VR CNC Milling

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CNC Machine Control Software

VR Milling/Turning software features:

  • Block Search Feature – machining can be stopped, machine shut down and restarted accurately from the last program position
  • Work Piece / Project Offsets – this allows for tooling and fixture set-up of multiple projects. Work piece origins need only be set once, these can be saved according to project name and re-activated simply allowing teachers to switch between class project types and settings without delay.
  • Simple and fast work piece / project offset creation.
  • An optional Site licence provides for a full class of students to be trained hands on in ‘real’ CNC machine operation and project manufacturing validation using virtual reality technology in a lab environment.
  • Single Click G&M Code dictionary look-up allows students and teachers to easily learn about and understand G&M Codes within their program files
  • Full 2D and 3D simulation of tool paths including quick machine program information display to assist with trouble shooting.

Virtual Reality Milling in Fanuc 21 MA interface mode is a selectable control mode which provides for TAFE / TRADE training using an industry standard key pad interface - without the expense of a full-sized industrial machine.

VR CNC Milling Data Sheet (PDF)

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