VMC 1300

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The DENFORD VMC 1300 is a precision-built and robust milling machine ideal for all levels of education as well as the rigours of TAFE and Technical training environments. With programmable spindle speeds and feed rates the VMC1300 is ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as wax, plastic, acrylic, free cutting alloys, aluminium and steel. Also suitable for integration into FMS/CIM systems (additional equipment must be fitted at time of manufacture). Features a totally enclosed high visibility interlocking guard.

Standard Software Inclusions:

  • VR Milling Software – Single Seat
  • QuickCAM 2D Design Software – Single Seat

Standard Inclusions:

  • DENFORD VMC 1300 CNC MILL with Manually Actuated Power Drawbar (Suitable for Bench Mounting)
  • Machine Operating Software – VR Milling – Single Seat
  • Import CAM Wizards for PCB cutting and drilling, DXF Import and 2D Cutter Path Generation. For use with customer supplied IBM compatible PC.
  • Totally Enclosed Cabinet with Excellent Visibility
  • Mechanical and Electronic Interlocked Guard
  • Low Voltage Machine Work light
  • USB Connectivity & External USB Cable (2 metre)
  • Datum Clamp Plates & Mitee Bite Clamping Kit
  • BT30-EM06-050 Side lock Holder
  • Pull Stud for Tool holder & Pull Stud Spanner
  • 6mm Dia Ball Nose Cutter, Long Series H.S.S.
  • Programmable Spindle Speed
  • Recommended Set of Tool holders comprising: 2 x 6mm & 1 x 20mm Side lock Holders, 2 x ER32 Collet Chucks with 2 x 6-7mm Collets. 1 x ER32 Collet Chuck Spanner, 1 x Hook Spanner (to grip spindle while tightening collets)
  • Recommended Set of Tools comprising: 3mm Long Series Ball End, 2,4 & 6mm Slot Drill, 20mm Facing Cutter
  • Delivery, Commissioning & One Day Training
Optional Extras:
  • QuickCAM 2D Design Software – Site Licence
  • QuickCAM Pro Software – Site Licence
  • VR Milling Software – Site Licence
  • 4th Axis Fixture with 4D Software – Site Licence
  • Mobile Machine Cabinet
  • 6 Station Automatic Tool Changer
  • Spray Mist Coolant

Built For Safety:

DENFORD products are designed specifically for student use in the context of education and training, and are engineered for operator/machine safety.

Unique safety features include:

  • Emergency Stop (E-Stop) front mounted integrated switching for immediate stopping of all drives and cut of spindle motor power;
  • MECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC Interlocking Guard/Door which means the work area cannot be accessed until all moving parts have come to rest;
  • Spindle Stop & Interlocking Guard Operation Integration assure the machine remains completely inaccessible until the cutter spindle has come to a complete stop;
  • Whilst the interlocking guard/door is open, access to the work area is possible and machine axis can be jogged (moved) at safely reduced speeds to allow for set-up procedures, routine maintenance and cleaning. The spindle can NOT be started whilst the interlocking guard is in the open position;
  • Machines are designed as fully enclosed units with excellent work area and operational visibility. The fully enclosed design also ensures that all swarf and/or any waste dust is fully contained within the machine enclosure;
  • Dust Extraction Ready;
  • Low Voltage Work Light to improve operator visibility and safety during all machine operations;
  • Feed Rate Override which allows the user to adjust, programmed feed rate between 0% and 150% during the machining processes.

VMC 1300 Data Sheet (PDF)