Virtual Wind Tunnel

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Just like Formula One teams, aerospace and automotive companies, you can bring real-world simulation technology into the classroom! Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) software uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which analyses processes involving fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reaction and/or combustion. Anything that involves fluid flow can be simulated using these techniques. VWT displays velocities, pressures, areas of turbulence, lift and drag using vector plots, contour plots, streamlines and iso-surfaces. Students competing in the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge utilise VWT to determine forces on the car body and lift and drag data. The 3D car design is imported from CAD software and displayed in VWT which is already set up to receive it. You can alter settings, boundary conditions and other factors in the VWT pre-processor before starting the mathematical 'solver'. Once the solution has been reached you will visualise the results interactively in graphical form using the VWT post-processor.

Requirements: Any standard Windows PC (XP, VISTA or Windows 7) system. The software is both CPU- and RAM-intensive but 1GB RAM should suffice (2GB is better) and a 1GHz processor speed (as a minimum). No special graphics requirement. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported but, if required, 64-bit must be specified at time of order.

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