Router 6600/6600 Pro

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The DENFORD 6600 and 6600 Pro are large format, high speed routers (up to 25,000RPM spindle speed) complete with built-in machine bench and offering large machining capacity (table size 1080 x 640mm) at an exceptional price. The 6600/6600 Pro are specifically designed for education and training andis ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as hard and soft wood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic and prototyping material. Both models are available with 5 Station Automatic Tool Changer; and in addition, the Router 6600 Pro can cut non-ferrous metals.

Standard Software Inclusions:

  • VR Milling Software – Single Seat
  • QuickCAM 2D Design Software – Single Seat

Standard Inclusions:

  • DENFORD ROUTER 6600 (Suitable for Bench Mounting)
  • Machine Operating Software – VR Milling – Single Seat
  • Import CAM Wizards for PCB cutting and drilling, DXF Import and 2D Cutter Path Generation. For use with customer supplied IBM compatible PC.
  • Tooling: 6mm Long series Ball Nose, 3mm Ball Nose, 1.5mm Ball Nose
  • Totally Enclosed Cabinet with Excellent Visibility
  • Mechanical and Electronic Interlocked Guard
  • Low Voltage Machine Work light
  • USB Connectivity
  • External USB Cable (2 metre)
  • Set of Metric Allen Keys
  • Set of Work holding Clamps
  • 8mm T-Slot Aluminum Table
  • “Extraction Ready” for 37mm Dia. Vacuum Hose
  • Spanners & Collets: 6mm and 3mm Collet Insert
  • Delivery, Commissioning & One Day Training
Optional Extras:
  • QuickCAM 2D Design Software – Site Licence
  • QuickCAM Pro Software – Site Licence
  • VR Milling Software – Site Licence
  • 4th Axis Fixture with 4D Software – Site Licence
  • Floating Head for Engraving
  • Mobile Machine Cabinet
  • 5 Station Automatic Tool Changer
  • Vacuum Pads
  • Large Format Vacuum Bed

Built For Safety:

DENFORD products are designed specifically for student use in the context of education and training, and are engineered for operator/machine safety.

Unique safety features include:

  • Emergency Stop (E-Stop) front mounted integrated switching for immediate stopping of all drives and cut of spindle motor power;
  • MECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC Interlocking Guard/Door which means the work area cannot be accessed until all moving parts have come to rest;
  • Spindle Stop & Interlocking Guard Operation Integration assure the machine remains completely inaccessible until the cutter spindle has come to a complete stop;
  • Whilst the interlocking guard/door is open, access to the work area is possible and machine axis can be jogged (moved) at safely reduced speeds to allow for set-up procedures, routine maintenance and cleaning. The spindle can NOT be started whilst the interlocking guard is in the open position;
  • Machines are designed as fully enclosed units with excellent work area and operational visibility. The fully enclosed design also ensures that all swarf and/or any waste dust is fully contained within the machine enclosure;
  • Dust Extraction Ready;
  • Low Voltage Work Light to improve operator visibility and safety during all machine operations;
  • Feed Rate Override which allows the user to adjust, programmed feed rate between 0% and 150% during the machining processes.
Router 6600 Data Sheet (PDF)