QuickCAM 2D Design

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2D design software

QuickCAM 2D Design is an advanced yet simple to use wizard-based 2D CAD/CAM package. You can create designs quickly and accurately then run the CAM wizard to create CNC machine tool paths. What will be your first design?

QuickCAM 2D Design features import options to allow images, PCB’s and designs from other CAD packages to be manufactured. The customisable post processor and advanced printing facilities provide outputs to most desktop CNC and laser printers. Shape Creation includes Line, Polyline, Rectangle, Curve/Spline, Circle, Arc, Point, Polygon, Ellipse, Text, Multiple Line Text with Justification, Hatch, Offset Path, Image Outline (Contrast Edge Detection). Drawing Help includes Customisable Grid Size, Grid Snap, Object Nudge, Polar Snap, Absolute and Relative Co-ordinate Entry, Shape Property Editors, Fast Drawing Navigation. Shape Modification includes Unlimited Undo and Redo, Move, Scale, Rotate, Mirror, Copy, Paste, Join, Explode, Group and Ungroup multiple shapes, Apply colour to any shape, Modify shape using grips or by property editor, Boolean shape operations: Union, Intersect, Split, Subtract, Rectangular Repeat, Circular Repeat.

The CAM Wizard makes it all so easy with:

  • Material selector - customisable materials define cutting feeds, speeds and cutting depth;
  • Machining plan - easily create and rearrange any number of machining plans;
  • Drill - select point, circle or arc centres for drilling operations;
  • Automatic island recognition;
  • Post Process - final tool path can be simulated quickly in 2D then posted (G code) to a variety of machines.

Requirements: IBM or 100% Compatible PC, Pentium III, 1Ghz, 512MB RAM, 200MB Free Hard Disk Space, Microsoft Windows XP; NT; 2000; Vista; Windows 7, CD-ROM Drive, OpenGL 3D Accelerator Graphics Card with 128MB RAM supporting at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution. CNC Machines require USB Connection.

QuickCAM 2D Data Sheet (PDF)

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