Mercury III

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GCC is a recognised world leader in Electro Optical Automation and their lasers products are the most used (80% of the market) in education in the UK. The Mercury Laser can cut and engrave an extensive range of materials including wood, glass, acrylic, leather, fabric, metal, rubber, jewellery, carpet… and even tennis balls and mobile phones. GCC products are classroom-safe and reliable, are easy to implement in the classroom, simple for teachers and students to operate, and are supported with high levels of technical support. The GCC range of high quality laser equipment complements our existing line-up of CNC routers, mills and lathes from Denford.


  • 25″ x 18″ (635 mm x 458 mm) working area
  • Popular all round laser engraver with stable and satisfactory performance
  • Intuitive control panel allows easy operations
  • Low maintenance motion system
  • Emergency button and key-switch adds an extra layer of safety
  • Pass-through front and rear doors to accommodate oversized working pieces
  • LaserPro DirectPrint MAC AI Plug-In available for use with MAC OS

The available features include:

SmartACTTM (Patented) – Ground breaking technology that increases productivity by reducing the ramping process and lowering job running time.

DuraGuide – Systematic and reliable motion system embedded with strong mechanical framework, reinforced Kevlar belts, and accurate servomotor control technology to deliver superb output quality under rapid movement.

SmartPIN Auto Focus – The plug-and-play probe design makes focusing a one-touch process and provides the accuracy and precision required for optimum quality in the lasering process.

Key Switch & Emergency Stop – Key switch safeguards the machine from unauthorized use. Prominent emergency button located on the top of the machine allows operators to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately to provide a safe operating environment.

Pass-through Front/Rear Doors – Convenient front and rear door design enables loading of extremely long working pieces.

Innovative Software Features – Various user friendly features such as SmartCenter, Defocus by pen, allows users to reduce set up time and make easy adjustments to achieve marvellous output quality.

SmartLIDTM – An innovative lid that opens from both ends allowing easy access for daily maintenance.

SmartLIGHT – LED light modules illuminate the working area showing the progress and details of each job.

Easy to Use Control Panel – A control panel with coherent hot-key design and graphical icon displays that allows you to change laser parameter settings, set jobs to repeat unlimited times, queue jobs, delete jobs, and more.

Drag-N-Engrave – An extremely convenient feature based on servomotor technology and sensible innovative ideas. Simply drag the lens carriage to the desired position and press start to commence the engraving.

Mercury III Data Sheet (PDF)