Formech 450DT Vacuum Former

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Formech are renowned the world over for their supply of high quality, table-top vacuum formers to educational, flexible medium volume production, and specialist food production environments. 

A popular model for those applications is the 450DT with the Touch-Screen control with memory for forming profiles/recipes. A good-sized forming area, combined with deep draw and the ability to form sheet up to 6mm thick, make the 450DT a highly versatile and easy to use former. 

Formech Vacuum formers bring industry standard quality into the classroom to bring student projects to life. Vacuum forming provides a versatile and simple addition to other CNC manufacturing methods and can also be used with hand-made moulds. 



-          Quartz Heaters with 4x Adjustable Heating Zones

-          Touch Screen Interface with programmable memory

-          430 x 230mm Forming Area

-          160mm Depth of Draw

-          Single Phase (15A)

-          Vacuum Gauge

-          Mechanical lock-outs for safety, and CE safety compliance 

-          Optional Trolley available (pictured)



- Standard reducing window for smaller projects

- Starter set of plastics (coloured HIPS)