F1 Race Control System

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The ultimate race package, designed for the F1 Race Track.

The Start Gate is fully programmable, allowing team names to be input and results to be viewed live. Finish Gate indicators to show that power is applied and that both lanes are clear.

Multi voltage power supply and WiFi data transmission as standard. Rugged start triggers and cables are supplied with 90 degree connectors. Cable management included.

Finish Gate incorporates a blue spotlight indicator to show when the finish line is crossed.

The Start Gate features a high resolution 9” anti-glare screen displaying multiple modes:
- Auto Mode (Race Time)
- Manual Mode (Reaction Time, Race Time and Combined Time)
- Reaction Time Mode (Reaction Time)

The NEW F1 Start Box is designed for reliability and durability, featuring:
• Silver steel firing pins for extended life
• Torsion Spring which is latched under pressure for consistent release
• Tool steel latch mechanism to provide consistent release and to prevent wear
• The Start Boxes have a latch release lever to allow the spring to be un-cocked, and a substantial base to reduce recoil.
The Start Boxes are designed with safety in mind and are fully guarded.

What’s included:
• Start Gate
• Finish Gate
• 2 Start Boxes
• 2 F1 Start Triggers