Ecoworks Tablet Cleaning Agent

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Ecoworks™ Cleaning Agent Tablets

Dissolvable cleaning tablets for use with CleanStation DT3-M to dissolve SR-30 support material. 

A single set of tablets can be used a number of times until they loose effectiveness. Three lots of A & B packets are required to fill the CleanStation DTM-3. Once filled the CleanStation DTM-3 will be able to hold the EcoWorks solution for many passes of SR-30 support material. 


Ecoworks solution can dissolve 17.86 g/L of SR-30 support material. In other terms, the CleanStation DTM-3 can be filled 8 times with one box of 24.


Ecoworks™ Cleaning Agent Tablets Information

Ecoworks™ cleaning agent is designed to remove SR-30 support material from parts built using the FDM process with soluble support material. The cleaning agent is both user- and eco-friendly (with a pH of 9.8). 

  • Comes as a packet with A and B sides. The A side has 3 pods, the B side has 2 pods. Dissolve all A and B pods for one full packet of Ecoworks solution. One full packet should be used for every 7.5 liters of water.


How much SR-30 can I dissolve before changing the solution?

How often you change the solution is dependent on the tank you use, how you maintain it, and the complexity of your parts. As support materials are dissolved over time, the pH level will decrease and dissolve times will increase.


Further information on SR-30 and Ecoworks Cleaning Tablets can be found using this link

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