Development Class ROV Kit

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The Development Class kit is a basic ROV kit. It has been designed as a starting point into the construction of an operating ROV and a common denominator across the Development Class Category. The kit comes unassembled.

This ROV will work once assembled but will require the students to design and possibly 3D print the following components:

  • Safety covers for each of the propulsion units/propellers.
  • A suitable method of mounting a fixed camera such as a go-pro or video camera to the ROV.
  • Any fixtures which will help the ROV conduct the trial.

Students will also have to determine the buoyancy and balance of their ROV so that it operates effectively.

The ROV is supplied with wires and ring terminal attachments to allow connection to the back of each switch; no soldering is necessary in the control box.

Note: Soldering and waterproofing is still required to attach the motors to the bottom end of the tether. The Development Class kit is also designed to be a reusable learning tool year after year. The control box is easy to disassemble to its basic components. Few of these components need to be discarded, and with a few new ring terminals and a few feet of new wire, the Development Class ROV kit can be assembled again and again, year after year.

For more information click here to download the ROV Starter Kit Document 

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