Car Bodies - F1 in Schools Primary STEM Challenge

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The F1 in Schools Paper Racer comes in three separate components. No glue is required to assemble the car but the students are encouraged to colour and decorate their car. They are also encouraged to select a miniature Lego driver or alternatively create a driver in plasticine.

It takes the students about 15 minutes to build their car. They can then test their car in a smoke tunnel or wind tunnel to start to understand the science behind aerodynamics and then they get to race their friends which is were the excitement reaches a peak.

The pack includes the following components to produce 50 Paper Racers:

50 x Paper Racer Chassis

50 x Paper Racer Canister Housing

50 x Paper Racer Body

Click Here to download the instructions.

These cars are CO2 powered and run on official F1 in Schools Tracks which can be found here -

Note: You will need the Race REAdy Wheel Kits to be able to complete the Paper Racer, you can purchase them from the consumables area of this website.

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