Air Trace Visualisation System

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Air Trace Visualisation System
The Air Trace Visualisation Tunnel is an essential part of the design, test and remake process. Featuring variable wind speeds, it’s simple to use, compact in design, and easy to set up.

Use it with the Air Trace Smoke Generator to run a steady stream of harmless, smoke-like vapour over your F1 in Schools car to demonstrate its aerodynamic capabilities.

Air Trace Smoke Generator
This will produce a steady stream of smoke-like vapour for up to ten minutes from a fully charged battery, or continuously when connected to a mains adapter. Vapour will disperse quickly, so you can clearly see the air flow pattern without flooding the Air Trace Visualisation Tunnel with thick fog.

Light and practical, the generator comes in its own robust carry case with a battery and charger (mains adapter kit available separately).

What’s included:
• Air Trace Visualisation Tunnel
• Air Trace Smoke Generator complete with Air Trace Fluid